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Crypto Empowerment
Even More MEMEingful

Introducing the MEME Network -
the creative powerhouse that supercharges your MEME projects with the World’s First Layer 1 solution in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Our tools are built to help. Powerful and user-friendly, a fun and one of a kind MEME project is just few clicks away. Members of our community are capable to mint one’s own MEME-Token, construct a personal DAOs, or even to create interoperable applications with the advantage of Cosmos IBC. Things have never been easier in the blockchain history, not until now.

Follow us on Twitter and grab a piece of us. More communication channels (Medium & Telegram) will be available soon, stay tuned.

Project Announcement

MEME Network ($MEME) Airdrop is coming to the Cosmos Network in April 2022. Anyone who has delegated $OSMO and $ATOM are eligible for free token allocation. Also, snapshots were captured on April 1st & 2nd, 2022.

More details and step-by-step instructions will be available in our social media channels soon.


APR 2022
  • Launching the MEME Network Mainnet.

  • Airdrop $MEME to $OSMO and $ATOM holders.

MAY 2022
  • Deploy MEME Network block explorer.

  • Setup IBC relayer between MEME chain and Osmosis chain.

  • Setup IBC relayer between MEME chain and Cosmos chain.

JUN 2022
  • List $MEME on Osmosis DEX.